Who Needs Prince Charming? (I do)


A recent movie came out (ok maybe a year and a half ago) and for once it wasn’t about a Prince Charming’s kiss. If you all know what I’m talking about, its Frozen, the Disney animated movie about 2 sisters..that did so well it beat Toy Story 3 record. :0 I grew up with the classic Disney animated movies like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty etc. All of it ended with a true love’s first kiss, men that they only meet once and instantly they fall in love. Looking back, I realize how stupid that is. I mean in real life, it doesn’t take one kiss or look and say, “I’m in love.” Ok maybe it does, but it takes at least a year of dating before marriage. Frozen, Anna loved her sister so, she didn’t need Hans or what’s his name to be in love.

I can see why Frozen did so well is b/c of sisterly love (or siblings love). I’m the youngest of 4 and we are all pretty close, there is definitely an age gap between everyone but our mom taught us all to love each other and get together when we all can. Sometimes having siblings love is better than Prince Charming’s. I’m not saying to my future Prince that his love is not worth it, I’m saying that siblings have seen me grow up and become the woman I am today and know what makes me tick etc. I hope that I will find a love like the past Disney Princesses, a Prince to sweep me off my feet and to be my forever after.


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