Amish vs. Englisch

I read a lot. (I taught myself how to read). Books in particular that always fascinate me reading is about the Amish, especially books by Beverly Lewis. Reading about Amish is soothing I guess, just how they go about their lives and forgive really quickly and are always at peace. You can learn a lot about the Amish by reading. They attend church every other Sunday at different relatives homes, no jewelry, no electricity, no indoor plumbing. Imagine trying to live without all those stuff that we take for granted, I would go nuts without the internet and I would get bored in their 3 hour church services. But that is how they live, some leave during their early years when they explore the Englisch world, others stay Amish and raise babies.

I visited PA, IN where Amish live and its cool seeing how they do everything with no electricity and try to blend in with us outsiders, who they like to call us Englisch.

We have our phones and laptops, modern day technology; now imagine not having any of that not even your car! Instead a horse and buggy or walking, any rules broken you are shunned and exiled from everyone; including family. Amish live an easy simple life, but sorry, I don’t think I will ever become Amish. I need a car and modern technology, and I’m not really an early morning person.


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