From Animation to Live

pd.jpgOk, so the news has been out for awhile that Disney is making a live version of Beauty and the Beast. They had already cast most of the main characters, Belle, will be a British woman played by Harry Potter’s own Hermione (Emma Watson). They just released Cinderella, haven’t seen it yet but apparently it did so well that that is why Disney is making more live versions. But could it also be that the #1 movie (Frozen) is a short in the beginning of Cinderella and that is why it did well, just b/c of that Frozen short? Of course, some old classic Disney movies I have no idea why or how they will make it live and good. For example, Dumbo. Dumbo was/is my favorite movie, not because Dumbo is so cute; but b/c elephants are my favorite animal. Tim Burton will be behind the scenes, they are probably going to make it CGI but what about the mouse? Is he going to be ‘real’ too? And the pink elephants part? Gosh, that use to scare me in some parts when I was younger.

Now, they released that they are doing Mulan. Which I personally like and am happy b/c I feel that she doesn’t get attention like the other ‘Princess’s do, even though she wasn’t really a Princess. That won’t be too hard to make live, except Mushu and the cricket. Seriously, I have gone to toy stores and I hardly see any dolls nor dress up clothes for Mulan..bout time she gets attention! Recently, like this past week, Disney announced that Winnie the Pooh will be live! Ok, that is way too overboard and extreme. Why?! I can’t even answer to that one. From the mouth of Piglet, “Oh d-d-d-d-dear.”



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