Mother’s (Day)

Mother’s. What is a mother? Being a mother changes you. Not only are you in charge of a little human being that will look up to you and listen to your advice, your whole world stops and you can’t think about yourself anymore. Whether you are single, divorce, married, widowed-all mom’s are special. I think all kids have good relationships with their mom’s and closer to them than their dad’s, of course dad’s weren’t the ones who carried them around for 9mos and gave birth to you. Some mother’s give up a lot, they quit their job to be a stay  at home mom while the husband works and that can get boring. Men don’t know what their wives go through everyday b/c they haven’t lived with the experience nor tried working and raising kids. Even though I am adopted, I’m much closer to my mom then dad. All the things she has done for me and helped me with while in school when I knew she was busy, made me appreciate her more and looking back I realize she did an amazing job as a single mom.

I’m glad there is a ‘holiday’ celebrating Mother’s Day, after all Mom’s do for us kids, they deserve to put their feet up and take a day off and be spoiled with flowers and presents. Thank you to Anna Jaris who made Mother’s Day legal and thanks to all Mom’s out there for your hard work and good advice and love. Especially thanks to my mom who did everything for me and who is the better parent. Happy Mother’s Day!!m


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