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So I am really bad at updating this every month and/or week, usually I have no idea what to say.

I just got back last weekend from an amazing, relaxing and fun time in Colorado Springs for Boundless’ Pursuit! It was held on Focus on the Family campus and just being there was an experience b/c I was named after Dr. James Dobson’s daughter. Plus I grew up listening to Adventures in Odyssey, although I wasn’t able to tour the place I wasn’t expecting the place to be huge!

Anyways, Boundless hosted this amazing event where singles from all over the states; even out come for the weekend or week to hang out and make new friends. I was amazed how many people were there, I met a few from Australia and Canada. There were fellow Michiganders there as well. To go to Pursuit by myself and not have a friend with me, it was a bit scary and nerve wracking. I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t have someone by my side, but I’m glad I went by myself. I was able to make new friends and be outgoing and try to get the nerve to go up to people and say hi. Not going to lie, I’m an introvert and going up to anybody new is hard and I guess awkward. We were given sticker names and we exchanged them with whoever we met, for me it felt like I was stalking them b/c I would talk to them for a bit and then ask for their stickers.

I flew into COS Thursday afternoon and when I got there, it was definitely mayhem and a bit crazy. You had to register and then they did this scavenger hunt and at night was the mixer ie. “When is your birthday and who do you share it with?” For me, its October 25 and I share it with Katy Perry. Then the sessions were Friday and Saturday, first we had Eugene Cho who is Korean. He was my favorite, call me bias b/c he is a fellow Korean, but I don’t care. Then Michelle Singletary was on Saturday, she was helpful b/c she focused on money and how to save. Gary Thomas gave us insights about marriage and how its not all fun and its not all about sex.

Free time I went horseback riding on Friday. That was fun but a bit scary, its been a long time since I even went horseback riding and I almost got hit by a car b/c I was steering my horse the wrong way. My horse name was Copper, ironic b/c my sister in law had a dog named Copper also. It was so nice and fun though to ride, we got a very somewhat close view of Garden of the Gods. I unfortunately didn’t bring my camera with me on the ride b/c I didn’t feel comfortable having one hand on my camera and the other on the reins, but I just know the scenery was so pretty. Saturday’s dinner was really good, Boundless provided it and it was worth the long wait for the doors to open. Thursday we went to the Rabbit Hole, which is what it kind of sounds. It was hard to find, but its literally underground.

The weather was so warm Friday-sunday, we even ate outside during lunch Friday and Saturday. And the scenery, oh! I loved the mountains and I miss it even today, it was so pretty to just look outside the hotel window and see the mountains; I’m envious of people who have mountains. Overall, this trip was the best and am glad I went by myself. I would totally recommend it to anybody who is single, start saving b/c it is pricey but its totally worth it! If I come back next year, I’m coming earlier and do more sightseeing.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

“If your bf or gf is not talking about God, they aren’t talking to God.” -Gary Thomas


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