The ‘C’ Word

Cancer. The minute someone says a loved one that word, there’s panic, mayhem and lots of prayers. Yesterday I went to a funeral for a friend of mine’s mom, who passed away unexpectedly from cancer. It was held downtown at St. James Church, it was a very pretty church inside. This was also the first time I have ever been in a Catholic Church, I’m not going to lie, I felt weird being in there b/c of my faith. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t know the songs and the water by the door and doing the whole motion upon entering it. Nevertheless, I put the awkwardness aside and just sat in a pew for support for my friend. I didn’t really know the mom, I met her a couple of times when I was really young but haven’t seen her in a long time. Sometimes you just gotta support the friend even though you never knew the person who died.

I went to school with a couple of girl’s who Mom’s had cancer, unfortunately they had passed away. I almost lost my brother and mom from cancer. My brother’s been in remission for 14 years and my mom 9. I was young when my brother got cancer, I didn’t know what it meant. I just knew he was very sick and close to death, he got married while he was still sick. I remember too well for my mom. Her, my sister and I went on a trip out east and she was in pain. She is self employed and one day, my brother took her to the hospital where she stayed for awhile. I was a junior in high school and was unsuccessfully trying to concentrate on schoolwork knowing my mom was in pain and in the hospital. It didn’t hit me that my mom was sick until one night I called her cell phone and heard her voice and I broke down. She told me that she will beat this thing and it won’t overtake her and that God has more plans for her and she was too young to die. My mom has been there for me and my siblings for everything and helped us too, working and being a single mom with hardly a dad in the picture. Hearing that, gave me reassurance b/c God did heal my mom and He has blessed her with 5 more grandkids since then.

Unfortunately others don’t survive. There is no cure for cancer, radiation and all that but it makes people more sick and some stop b/c its not working. And sometimes the cancer comes back…Today there are more modern technology and more discoveries. I hope one day someone discovers a way to treat cancer and make it go away permanently the first time, that way no more lives are lost and no mourning over young premature deaths.

Proverbs 3:5-6          #standup2cancer  


One thought on “The ‘C’ Word

  1. Yes, Danae, there is a cure for cancer but it takes a lot of work. It’s called “changing your diet” Individuals need to be eating organically, exercising, taking vitamins and minerals and doing things the holistic way. We should not wait until there is a life-threatening problem before we start our lifestyle change. If individuals would stop eating processed food, a lot of meat, bread, pasta and food that literally plugs up their body, they would become healthier in many ways. Unfortunately, most of us wait until we have a physical problem before we choose a healthier lifestyle. Is the cure for cancer already available to individuals, my answer would be yes. But it takes a great effort to change and perseverance too. It also takes will power. Individuals must believe in their hearts, though, that they can make the changes in their eating lifestyle.


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