Reading+Writing= <3

Reading is good for you. From reading you learn about different religions, how people live now to back then etc. Kids back then read books to keep them entertained before t.v. or they played outside. They probably had Frances to keep them company or Babar. Now I don’t know what books they had before television was invented, but kids back then were entertained somehow. I love to read, little fact about me is that I taught myself how to read. I remember going to my Aunt’s house and going upstairs and reading the kid’s books she had up there, one in particular was Bugs Bunny Carrot Machine (I think). I ‘read’ that one over and over, looking at the pictures and then somehow learning to read what it said. It kept me entertained while everybody talked. My favorite authors were and still are Beverly Lewis and Karen Kingsbury. Lewis writes a lot of Amish books, which I basically came to learn a lot about the Amish and Kingsbury writes just fiction (Baxter family). Growing up and going to school, we had school books that we had to have covers for them. (Anybody remember the old Meijer paper bag covers or wrapping paper)? And then in school we had to do summer reading and have a list of books to read and do a paper on before the next school year starts, it made an excuse for kids to read.

Writing. I love writing, I wrote all the time back in grade school from 5th grade on. It has stopped unfortunately b/c I’m out of ideas and lack of time and to be honest, I have been lazy in writing. I took a Creative Writing class at Kuyper (my college) and I loved it! I passed that class but it felt good to write and focus on that. I don’t like writing book papers, but making up stories (mostly fiction) is what I like to do. I been told to go ahead and share or let people read what I have wrote but I’m a private person. I don’t really like people looking/reading what I have written, I know it will help me become a better writer but I don’t really like to share my stories. I guess I’m like Cookie Monster, where I’m greedy and I don’t want to share nor let others have a look (bite).

Unfortunately times are drastically changing. I read that somewhere out east, this school got rid of books and is using a lot of technology now to teach. Its sad. Kids should learn how to write and not just type up a paper and feel a page turn from a book, also to learn how to write in cursive. book3 book2


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