Yesterday I celebrated my 25th birthday, golden birthday to be exact. We went to a corn maze in Comstock Park and then had lunch at home, b/c our family is growing, siblings stopped giving presents to each other and we just combined birthdays. (fall and winter). I don’t feel any different, its like another birthday has come and gone. To be honest, after your 21st birthday it’s not as fun anymore.

I always thought about my golden 25th birthday, when I was 20 I would usually say in 5 years I’ll  be 25…Now it has passed, its interesting to think about b/c I’m finally was at my golden birthday and it just felt the same. Turning a quarter of a century is weird to think about, I don’t look 25 but people still think I’m 19 or 20; hey i’ll take it. Lol. All in all, I have grown up and changed, I been through a lot in my young life and now its time to step into adulthood and be more independent. Five years i’ll be 30, just think how old my siblings will be. Lol.


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