This past year I was able to attend 2 weddings, one a few weeks from the other. I haven’t attended an actual wedding in awhile, last one I was in was my sisters in 2006 and 2010. The 2006 one was a blur and I barely remember who was there and the whole thing, it was fun though b/c that was the ‘big’ wedding that I was able to be apart in. Anyways, my two closet friends: one I met in college, the other in high school, got married. It was a little bit emotional seeing them get married, I would always be able to hang out with them and do girl times and now its totally different. I’m not going to lie, I do feel a bit left out now b/c everyone i know is married, and I’m 25 and never had a boyfriend, but I’m trusting God to put the right man in my life. But I’m really happy for both of them and I’m glad they found their perfect match, I hope one day I will be able to enjoy feeling like a Princess.

Rena (l)- I met her at my old church in the summer of 9 or 10th grade for TWAC, we sat by each other by accident (I was in the wrong section for singers) and we hit it off. (She actually knew my sister before me). We both shared the love of videogames and had many adventures, favorites are Chicago and Seattle! She is so fun to be around and is outgoing and makes me laugh and smile, she even married a fellow NorthPointe(r)…

Alie (r)- First day of Kuyper,  I sat down next to her and we both barely survived the Intro to Missions class. We didn’t become close until after she graduated, I don’t know how we started to hang out more but we did and its been fun and I’m SO grateful for her. She is outgoing and makes me laugh, she’s positive and always lifts my spirits up by her sweet compliments.

I love both of these girls and I wish them all the best for their new married lives. Hey, if you both know any single guys, let me know! 😉   (See my picture with Alie? I finally caught the bouquet! Whoohoo!! Thanks Alie for throwing it to me. 🙂  )


2 thoughts on “Weddings

  1. Nice post, Danae. I still don’t know what to do with the word press thing.  I clik like and word press comes up wanting my email and password.  I’d love to make a comment but can’t figure out how to go about it.  Maybe your friend Allie could give me some help on this or you, perhaps.


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