Beauty and the Beast

Ok, I know I have been slacking a lot on this thing. I just don’t know what to write about some of the time. Well, after seeing this movie, it gave me an idea to write.

My friend and I bought our tickets online (good thing too, it was almost all sold out). We saw it in 3D, which is cool b/c its right in your face. (For people who have never seen it, it gives it a more exciting thrill). It definitely followed the movie (somewhat). There were a bit added parts and couple new songs, it kinda skipped around a bit with the storyline. We find out more about Belle and her papa, and the Beast was “killed” by something other than a dagger.

I think the overall buzz was this whole talk about the ‘gay’ thing between Le Fou and Gaston. Guys, it was NOT a big deal. I thought it was very subtle and couldn’t tell that much, but that is just my opinion. While I think Disney didn’t need to post that there was a gay character in a kid’s movie, it wasn’t all a big deal like people complained about.  Emma Watson played Belle beautifully and she is an amazing singer. Overall, I think Disney did a great job again remaking a classic old Disney movie; let’s see how well the others will be…


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