I know I am behind on posting, I literally don’t know what to say sometimes. I am finally getting to my pictures and am going to post pictures from Vegas. Vegas was super fun!! It was really warm too, but it was dry heat so it didn’t really affect me like I thought it would. I did walk a lot in the warmth, so I got my exercise in and probably a tan; even though that is probably gone. So I left here in MI Wednesday night, stupid plane was delayed and in my Dallas connecting flight, I literally ran to catch it and barely made it by the skin of my teeth. Plus I was wearing flip-flops, bad idea b/c I could NOT run in those and I got a blister from it. After barely making my flight in TX (I had to take the tram too, which had to stop at least 4 times), I made it in Vegas around 11pm and was in the wrong lot so my friend wasn’t able to pick me up for a few minutes b/c I got ‘lost’ and didn’t know there were 2 terminals and she was in the second one. We had ‘dinner’ from McDonald’s and I went to bed around 1:45a her time, which is 4:45a our time.

Being on MI time messed me up a bit. I woke up early and wasn’t able to sleep in really b/c my body is on eastern time instead of western time. It was hot, even in the mornings. I went for a walk on Thursday around her apartment and it was warm, but it was bearable. Thursday we went to the strip where EVERYTHING was. All the casinos, restaurants, casinos…we walked a lot b/c it was really a never-ending strip. We did an escape game, we had to escape jail and it was fun. It took us an hour and 15 minutes, but we got out; but we only had 2 of us. If we had more people with us, our time would have been less. We got dinner at BubbaGumpShrimp Co. restaurant, great food!! We each shared a shrimp appetizer thing and it was very filling. That restaurant was so cool, it was Forrest Gump themed. So it had pictures from the movie and costumes, it was surreal being in there. Plus I have 2 older sisters, they are Gump and Shrimp and I’m Bubba.. I didn’t play any casino games or do any of that b/c it looked confusing, it was mostly slots but I wasn’t even that interested. (Even though it would have been cool if I had won a lot of money).

Friday my friend was sick, so I walked all the way down to the little strip malls by her apartment. Couldn’t find a good, pretty, decent present for mom for Mother’s Day. Walked back and got ice cream at Dairy Queen, have to have ice cream in Vegas after a hot day. Went to Ethel M chocolate factory, home of Dove chocolates and others and did a taste test of chocolate. Saw the movie La La Land, it was boring!! I literally don’t know what the fuss is all about b/c it was boring and the couple didn’t end up together.

Saturday we went hiking at a little hiking place. We were thinking Red Rock or something cooler, but she was sick and wasn’t feeling all that great. We also went to a little coffee shop that was all Harry Potter themed, it was kind of cool. We went to a free Christian concert and it was good, I saw Jaci Velasquez perform. After the concert, I was dropped off at the airport and my flights were thankfully on time. I slept though on both flights home b/c I was coming back into our time and my flight left at 12:50a their time.


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